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产品名称:Poly-silicon Reactor
电源相数:3 phases

Product Name:Poly-silicon Reactor
Power Voltage:380V
Power Frequency:50hz
Power Phase:3 phases
Electrode 9 pairs/18 pairs silicon bars can produce polycrystalline silicon material of high purity with a crystal-diameter of 150mm. The diameter of the furnace chamber is 1200mm and 1700mm( inner and outer), and the height is 2500mm. The working pressure inside the furnace is lower than 0.1 MPa. The heat conduction oil is cooled down inside the furnace chamber. The single-chip microcomputer high-voltage trigger is adopted to control SCR phase shifting and eight-stage pressure regulating; The logical circuit is controlled by Siemens PLC and trichlorosilane is injected into the furnace chamber using the Siemens method and generates high-purity polycrystalline silicon material through chemical vapor deposition.
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