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产品名称:Float zone Mono-crystal Furnace
电源电压: 380V
电源相数:3 Phases

Product type: JQ-800
Product name: Float zone Mono-crystal Furnace
Power Voltage: 380V
Power Frequency: 50Hz
Phase: 3 Phases
Equipment Introduction:
The JQ-800 Float zone Mono-crystal Furnace is a device for purification and mono-crystal silicon growing of silicon material in the floating and melting zones using the float-zone melting technique under an environment of vacuum with inert gases. The growing of the float-zone crystal can be improved and carried out by the semi-automatic control realized through the computer. It is used for industrial production of pollution-free and highly purified semiconductor materials of high-resistance and long-service life. The diameter of the crystal should be 80-200mm.
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