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Mr. Zhangdekuan and other leaders from the Provincial Government Office visited Shandong Cemsky Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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On the morning of February 18, 2014, Zhang Dekuan, party members of the general office of the shandong provincial government, office director of the promoting and investing of the province private economy leading group ,Mr.Wangkui, full-time deputy secretary of the party committee general office of the provincial government authorities and Mr. Liu  Yongliang, deputy director of the media office of federations of industry & commerce of shandong province, totally 4 people were accompanied by Mr.Li Shumin, the deputy mayor of zibo city and Mr. Chengguanglei, the deputy secretary of work committee of high-tech Zone

visit shandong Cemsky Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Stand beside one denitration catalysts which are just produced in the No.1 workshop, Mr. Zhang asked the production operation of independent research and development of the efficient non-toxic denitration  catalysts and the construction situation of the second project. He gave full affirmation to the construction of workshop production line construction, and also gave high evaluation to the production and operation of Cemsky Company. He anticipated that Cemsky Company could continue to explore effective ways such as process improvement to increase the production capacity as soon as possible, and promote the development of the efficient non-toxic denitration catalyst industry in Shandong Province.

Mr. Zhang also fully understand the difficulties encountered in process development of Cemsky company, he said they would offer great support within the scope of national policy to promote the development of Cemsky Company and make nontoxic denitration catalyst which produced by Cemsky Company play a bigger role in the atmospheric pollution control of Shandong Province and all around the China.

Mr. Wangjun, said the present achievements of Cemsky Company, from

the beginning research and development, from the beginning test to   the present industrialization, they are all inseparable from the     supports offered by the provincial and municipal governments. In 2013,two 6000 m3 production line will be put into operation, and the No.2 workshop will go into operation in 2014. And then Cemsky Company    will become the largest non-toxic denitration catalyst manufacturing base in China. We still need the support of the government and assureall the leaders of the government and provincial committee that

Cemsky Company would continue to make efforts to contribute to the



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