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Gemsky has leveraged the staff training to promote the development of next year
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Shandong Gemsky has carried out a training activity on 5th Dec. 2013,Mr. Fenghuan Pei (JYT’s chairman, Gemsky executive director), Mr. Hexin Ping(General Manager of Gemsky) and managers of all the levels attend the meeting. The main purpose for this training is to help all the administrators and marketing staffs to know the enterprise culture very well, to improve integrated management level and market sales ability. This activity is a fruitful start for the staff training in Gemsky.


Mr. Wang Jun (Deputy General Manager of Gemsky) expressed: JYT always takes much attention on the staff training, as the wholly-owned subsidiary of JYT, Gemsky will develop similar training activity step by step. The content of training included: operating capability, marketing, production, enterprise culture and so on. 


Regarding this training, JYT  has invited Mr. Han Peng ( Beijing Yingxiangli enterprise management Major Customesr Manager) to make a” Major customers marketing “training. Mr. Zhang Peng made a detailed introduction of power plant boiler, and the equipment operation for desulfuration, denitration. During the meeting time, Mr. Feng Huanpei made a simple but profound explain for the “marketing concept and market positioning”, and at the same time he raised expectation and requirements as “ Gemsky developed so fast, but meanwhile it will appear more problems, product and sales need the staff use their brains more and more, also need to make innovation. The administrative staff should make more promotional reform.” General Manager Mr. He Xinping made an important address about the incorporated business evolution and organization chart that “ The company as a system, it need to coordinate, it is all important of management and technological innovation. But we all the staff should know the production very well. We should ask the customers six “W”, and also there are different versions in the face of different customers.”  


At last, the staffs in marketing department have discussed and communicated successful marketing sales case with each other. Through sharing the experience, it could complement each other and improve the sales ability. 

 Through this training, the staffs have in depth study the” Rare earth denitration catalyst technology, development history, technology future, and demonstration project.” After the meeting, they clear up training study, deeply know the meeting sprite, also they expressed they will make this training as practice, carry out work positively.


 At present, the market of Gemsky have been divided into three areas to operate: Nanjing market keeps a foothold in Jiangsu Province, in order to put in motion of South of Yangtze River; Market department in Zibo will main control Shandong Province, in order to put in motion of North of Yangtze River, contract and order execute in Zibo; Head office in Beijing will face the whole market in china. Three market office work in coordination, make a good job in market development.






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